Crew and Talent

JEROME TEAGUE: (Founder and Chief instructor)

Jerome Teague is a former member of the US Army and an Iraq War Veteran. While serving in the military, he received numerous medals and commendations including: Operation Enduring Freedom Expeditionary Medal, Operation Iraqi Freedom Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Medal, and two Army Commendation Medals for his work in various combat operations and personal security for high-ranking military personnel, high profile Iraqi Nationals, and US Government Civilians and media from March 2003-April 2004.

He is seasoned in military weapons and tactics including: M16/M4, M9 Pistol, M249 and M240 automatic machine guns, M24 sniper rifle, squad level tactics, combat driving, MOUT, land navigation, close protection, installation security, convoy security, wilderness survival, and Army Combatives (kick boxing, grappling, impact and bladed weapons).

Jerome has trained in a variety of martial arts spanning the gambit of systems of Far East and South East Asia. He was a collegiate fencer and now spends his time teaching the Japanese and Filipino Martial Arts. He currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th Degree) with instructor certification under Massaaki Hatsumi in traditional Japanese Budo and Ninpo arts (empty hands and traditional Japanese weapons), as well as a first level Black Sash in Ng Family Shaolin Kung Fu. He continues his Japanese Martial Arts training in Judo under Sensei Gannon O’Dea of the USA Judo Association. He has also trained extensively with a wide variety of instructors of Jeet Kun Do to include Sifu Kevin Taylor (JKD Grappling Association), Sifu Jesus Moya (Defcon Warrior’s Academy) Sifu Rick Caudle (PFS), and others.

His Filipino Martial Arts experience includes training in Nickelstick Balintawak under Master Christos Kousatasios of Thessaloniki Greece with an official teaching licensure from Founder and GM Nicomedes Elizar. He has also trained in Modern Arnis, Villabrille- Largusa Kali, Inosanto-Lacoste Kali, and elements of Indonesian Silat under various instructors and mentors. Currently Jerome is the highest ranking US instructor and the Regional Representative for the Southeastern United States for the Applied Eskrima Saavedra System and the USA Representative for Sifu Jesus Moya’s Applied Panantukan System. Jerome regularly travels to teach his personal Counter Blade Tactics program (Grappling, CQC, Blade, Firearms) and the Filipino Martial Arts at seminars around the USA and internationally.

Additional skills: medical first responder training (CLS), rifle and pistol marksmanship, proficient with common US military weapon systems, wilderness survival, land navigation, vehicle mechanic, camping, archery, hunting, BA in history and anthropology, public speaking/ presentation, fencing (saber and epee), football, baseball, weight-lifting, sprinter, cycling, bowling, voice over, accents (multiple Southern, New York, Boston, Mid West),

Film Credits:

The Americans (Actor, Trainer, Stunts, Fight Design, and 2nd Unit Director)
Springtime in the Sorrowing Hole (Actor)
Phantom (Actor, Trainer, Stunts, Fight Design, and 2nd Unit Director)
The Resignation (Actor, Trainer, Stunts, and Fight Design)
Konichiwa Kid (Trainer, Fight Design, and Advisor)

Music Video Credits:

Colt Ford feat. Waterloo Revival: “Dynamite”
Matt Langevin: “Love Me Some You”

Stage Credits:

Lil Abner (Actor)
West Side Story (Actor and Fight Choreographer)
Grease (Actor)68674296_915589418784476_6669334648700534784_n.jpg

67847986_484945018959775_3003689875288358912_n.jpg  MASK AND HELMET.pngScreen Shot 2017-12-11 at 2.07.06 PM.png


JESSICA BELL (Actor/Stunts)

bell, jessica 2018.jpg  Bell, Jessica Body Shot.jpg

Jessica is  seasoned actor, originally from upstate New York. She recently relocated here to the Southeast USA and has hit the ground running in various productions in TN and GA. She is the newest addition to the ADS fight team and is the first female member. Along with a variety of skills that she brings to the table, she is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is eager to apply those skills in future productions. Jessica is one of the alternatea for the ADS tactical team.

Additional skills: stage combat, archery, firearms, horseback riding, swimming, softball, voice over work, conversational Spanish, southern accent.

Feature Film Credits:

The Nostradamus Mission
Rescue in the Holy Land
The Purge: The Island
Lighthouse Unmanned
Crossing Thresholds
Time Wounds All
Lonely Bananas
Sting – Revenge is Killer
Eyes of Wild
Wolf House
The Shopping Affair

Short Film Credits:

Private Barry
Behind closed doors
Blink Of An Eye
Midnight Man
Never too Late
Walking That Lonely Road…

Television/ Web Series Credits:

Snapped: Notorious
Murder Calls
Dying To Belong
The Church

NATHAN BLEES: (Actor/Stunts and Audio)

unnamed.jpg   unnamed.pngNathan has been a part of Nashville’s film industry for over 5 years, practicing the most sought-after stunts while training as an actor. He has performed in television, short film and music video productions, and is ready to add an innate artistic flair to any stunt job. A lifelong outdoorsman and performer with 3-years of bicycle courier experience, his repertoire is varied, and always tempered with professionalism and safety. Nathan is one of the 5 members of the ADS tactical team.

Stunt Skills: High falls (30’), foot/ground falls, car hits, ratchets, air rams, mini Longboard: “Regular” stance expert, “Goofy” stance amateur; fall expert.                      Falls: foot falls/combat, High Fall (rooftops; backfall, face off, header), and cliff jumping (70′).                                                                                                                                                  Rock climbing, building parkour proficient, bouldering, top-rope rigging/belaying, rappelling, harness setup, equipment benchmarks/maintenance

Additional Skills:
Dancechoreography, club/freestyle, swing, salsa, poi spinning
Baritone/Bass vocals, harmony, whistling, acoustic/electric guitar, amplifier proficiency, speaker troubleshooting and setup, signal flow, cable maintenance and storage, wireless transmitter setup, microphone setup; upland southern and upper midwest accents.

Film Credits:

Phantom (Extra)
Dream Come True (Lead)

Television Credits:

ABC’s Nashville (2 episodes, Extra)

Music Video Credits:

American Propaganda’s “Ain’t Seen Nothing At All” (Stunts)
Vince Gill’s Time Jumpers : “On The Outskirts of Town” (Dancer)
UMG Country Artist: “Unreleased 2018 Music Video” (Extra)

Stage Credits:

Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”
Bye Bye, Birdie
Fiddler on the Roof
The Music Man

JERON BRAY: (Actor/ Stunts, Camera, and Lighting)

28459375_10156100930499402_1743287177_n.jpg  28450114_10156100930504402_54489448_n.jpg
Jeron Bray is a  life-long martial artist and actor. He has competed actively in Mixed Martial for nearly ten years and still currently trains in Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and Judo. Jeron has also been trained in firearms, tactical movement, knife fighting, and dynamic hand-to-hand combat specifically for film under the ADS curriculum. Jeron’s acting credits include major roles in music videos and national commercials. Jeron is one of the alternates for the ADS tactical team.

Additional skills: bartending, billiards, cycling, fishing, football, soccer, volleyball, swimming, diving, firearms, military/leo tactics, sprinting, cross country running, track and field, olympic weight lifting, yoga, stand-up comedy, voice over, souther accents.

Film Credits:

Hitch Me
Papi’s Story
A Million Chances
Family Ties
The Gathering Place
An Errand
Into the Hollow
The Proposal

Music Video Credits:

Swon Bros: “Pray for You”
Shari Rowe: “Moonshine”
Colt Ford feat Waterloo Revival: “Dynamite” (Stunts)
Matt Langevin: “Love Me Some You” (Stunts)

Stage Credits:

The Foreigner
Dorothy Dix Speaks
The Shape of Things
Miss Saigon
The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)
The Knack
Anthony and Cleopatra
The Incident
Bye Bye Birdie


THOMAS CHI (Actor/Stunts, Camera, Audio, and Editing)

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 12.39.38 PM.png  488035_10151479154255435_991106828_n.jpg


Thomas is a filmmaker, camera man, editor, director, actor, and film school graduate in Nashville, TN.  Being a firearms enthusiast, he has amassed a wealth of experience in firearms training and basic gun smithing. Thomas has produced and collaborated on many action shorts involving fight choreography, firearms, and stunts.

Thomas is one of 5 members the ADS tactical team and the team armorer, conducting repairs, maintenance, and modifications on various weapon systems used by ADS.


CHAD JOYCE (Actor and Fight Performer)

29093008_436499510113536_6210485996635553792_n.jpg  38012365_10160536784895431_2166392868585865216_n.jpg


Chad Joyce is an American actor, stuntman, and proud father. Chad began studying self defense and martial arts at an early age and continues to train in Brazilian Jujitsu as well as Filipino stick, knife, and empty hand fighting with Guro Jerome Teague. He is an avid hunter and outdoorsman with a lifetime of firearms experience. Chad is also a motorcycle enthusiast and equestrian. He began acting while living in Nashville were he has appeared in numerous music videos for artists such as Kid Rock, Eric Church, Justin Moore, Tara Thompson, and Demon Jones. He is best known for his appearance on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Chad is the designated breach man for the ADS 5 man tactical team.


DANIEL SPOHN: (Actor/Stunts)

Serious.jpeg  Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 3.41.28 PM.png

Daniel is a seasoned actor living in Nashville TN. Originally from Allentown, PA, Daniel has been acting on stage and film for the last 18 years. He currently is an independent actor who regularly trains with Jerome Teague on various aspects of Martial Arts, Stage Combat, and Firearm/Tactical Operations for film. Daniel is one of 5 members the ADS tactical team.

Additional skills: stage combat, firearms, military/leo tactics, improv, stand up comedy, football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer, tennis, ski, snowboard, roller-blading, ride a bicycle/motorcycle, swim, martial arts, guitar, operate heavy machinery/tools, and several accents.

Film Credits:

Lost Redemption
Nell’s Hangout
Caught in the Crossfire
In the Rose Garden
A Cool Dark Place
Cup of Joe
Gratuity Not Included
Blind Sighted

Television Credits:

Camping World
One Life to Live
PBS TV Movie

Music Video Credits:

Colt Ford feat. Waterloo Revival: “Dynamite” (Stunts)
Missy Zenker: “Boyfriend”
Matt Langevin: “Love Me Some You” (Stunts)

Stage Credits:

Fiddler on the Roof


Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 3.41.28 PM.png

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