Angela Jordan (Actress/ Stuntwoman):

“I worked with Jerome on the set of ‘The Konichiwa Kid.’ Before even coming on set, he already was taking steps to ensure that I, as an actress/stuntwoman, knew what was planned for the day. Choreography was written out and prevized so that on the plane ride to Nashville, I knew what we had to rehearse before filming. Jerome was very easing going and clear with his direction. He had a vision for the fight scene which made it easier to follow and perform. His knowledge of action and martial arts shines through in the way he explains and directs action. Not only that, he was very mindful of the performers and how comfortable they were doing certain moves. Overall, Jerome is great to work with and I’m glad I met him this project and would gladly work with him again!”


When Dragons Awake (Film)
The Konichiwa Kid (Short)
The Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu Larp Story (TV Series)
Nerf Assassin (Web Series)
The Legend of Korra: A New Beginning (Live Action Short)
My Asian Auntie (Web Series)

31239502_1884501098227631_7637364279435329536_n.jpg  31301531_1884501118227629_3262052610777022464_n.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 10.50.18 AM.png

Spencer Glover (Director, Editor, DP):

“Working with Jerome Teague on The Konichiwa Kid was an absolute pleasure. It was the first film I ever worked on that needed fight choreography and stunts and Jerome made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. Knowing that he had every aspect of the process covered eased many anxieties I had making the entire production go so much smoother. He’s dependable, creative, collaborative, great with talent, and knows his stuff! I could not have made the film a success without his help.”

Directing Credits:

The Konichiwa Kid (Short)
Shuffle (Short)
“Quicksand”- Rachele Lynae (Music Video)
The Gift (Yamaha Ent. Short)
“The Way I Do”- Taree Avery (Music Video)
“Stranger” (Music Video)
Extraordinary Love: Town Hall Meeting (BET)
“Problems”-  (Music Video)
Great Picture (Black Film Festival Commercial)

Notable Editing Credits & Awards:

Prince- Piano and Microphone Concert Opener (Commercial)
Nathan East: For the Record (Documentary)
Look at You- Big & Rich (Music Video)
The Gravity Quadrilogy- Big & Rich (Music Video)
The Gift (Short Film)

12141154_10207211630956521_5709165412494550401_o.jpg  31229901_10101348289434606_5922432212359184384_n-1.jpg


Tom Glynn (Actor):

“In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to train with Jerome Teague. I had a martial arts background as well as some general firearm training. To be frank, despite all my experience, I was having a lot of difficulty translating my skills into credible film work. I can honestly say after our training sessions, I learned invaluable skill and understanding of some of the nuances of fighting for film as well as tactical movement and have since booked both principal roles in feature film and network television using the very same techniques that Jerome taught me.”


Marvel’s The Gifted (TV)
Black Water (Film)
Gerald’s Game (Film)

26696513_10215711630125742_481970129_n.jpg  Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.15.25 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.16.02 AM.png   17990963_10213147843592681_2938981155463020889_n.jpg

Christopher Knittel (Actor):

“Being in the military, I’ve had my share of weapon and martial arts training. However, they do not teach you how to simulate the punches and throws, and being a team with those you are fighting. Being someone interested in acting, I knew I needed a different kind of training. So I took some courses with Jerome Teague (ADS) and learned hand to hand combat, knife fighting, weapons training for film. I became much more confident that I could look like a pro on screen without actually hurting anyone. Being on a few sets now, it is very clear to the cast and crew who has had training and who has not. Thanks to this training I really am able to stand out as someone who is professional and can bring that realism to my performance. I look forward to doing more of this training with Jerome and ADS throughout the rest of my acting career.”


NCIS New Orleans (TV)
Cornbread Costa Nostra (Film)
Leviticus 24 (Film)
Caliban: The Breach Courage (Film)
Under Fire (Film)
Against Identity (Film)
Path of Reason (Film)



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